Why Two-Man Delivery is a Game Changer

The world of home delivery is one that is growing on a daily basis.  Due to the huge increase in the amount of shopping that people do online, there are now more options for delivery than ever before.

And there is also a greater expectation – people want quality as well as speed, information on tracking and a high quality service. This is why a 2 man delivery service can be a game changer for businesses.

What is two-man delivery?

Two-man delivery is about adding a quality layer to the delivery service that your customer received for larger and heavier items.  By having a team of two handling the deliveries, companies can offer a service where items are taken into the house, into the correct room and even fitted in place with white glove delivery.

But it is about more than just having two guys to move your order easily.  It is about a higher quality of customer service coupled with that convenience.  With this kind of service, a customer can purchase an item and choose when to have it delivered, not just be allocated a delivery spot.  They can check the progress of the order and receive text or email notifications to confirm the delivery. Crews can contact the customer when they are on the way to let them know almost the exact time of delivery.

Growth sector

Within a booming industry, the two-man delivery sector is increasing rapidly – it saw a 6.5% annual growth last year compared with 2% across the wider sector.  This means that more companies are seeking out logistics companies that offer this kind of service than ever before.

For companies providing two-man delivery services, there is an investment in quality delivery crews who can go into people’s homes and complete the service.  There is also a big emphasis on being customer-centric – merely delivering the parcel to the address isn’t enough for this type of service.

Adapting to customer needs

Another mark of a high-quality logistics company offering this type of service is the ability to adapt to fluctuations in their customer’s needs.  For example, many online retailers will have a higher demand in the lead-up to Christmas – a good two-man delivery service will have extra staff trained and ready to handle this increase in demand.

Companies may also want to expand their range and be able to offer a wider delivery service with an emphasis on quality and information.  That’s why taking services with a two-man delivery service means the service can scale as the business does.

More cost effective

Two-man delivery can also work out more cost effective for businesses for several reasons.  Top of the list is that delivery fulfilment is usually higher with this kind of service. The reason for this comes from the greater flexibility and information provided to the customer receiving the parcel.  They can choose a delivery spot that works for them which reduces the chance of them not being in. They also receive text or email alerts and even a phone call, so this makes certain they are available before the delivery is attempted.

Accurate, high-quality delivery can also reduce costs around delivery liabilities and the storage of items not delivered and having to be attempted again.  The aim of a two-man service is to deliver the item the first time and has a higher success rate at this. The use of two men rather than one reduces the risk of damage in transit and in delivery.  And the service means fewer items remain undelivered and need to be delivered again, cutting down on costs for this significantly.

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