What is White Glove Delivery?

There is no shortage of delivery options available to us – from traditional postal options to courier services and big name delivery companies.  And while all get stuff to where it needs to go, these services can lack that personal touch that can make a big difference to customers. That’s where white glove delivery comes in – but what is this?

Why white glove delivery?

If you were to Google, the term ‘white glove’ you would find references to ‘meticulous’ and ‘spotless.’  While white glove delivery doesn’t literally mean that your parcel will be spotlessly clean, it does refer to a higher quality of delivery than is normal.  And sometimes, you may find that the delivery drivers will actually wear gloves to ensure that your parcel arrives in pristine condition.

The idea behind white glove delivery is that is most often a 2 man delivery service that offers something more bespoke and high quality than merely popping a parcel on a customer’s back doorstep.  Or squashing it through a letterbox to save time.

delivery expectations

White glove delivery expectations

While all companies offering this kind of service will have their own exact specification of what white glove delivery means, there are some general expectations that will apply to most services.

High quality customer service

At the heart of white glove delivery is the expectation of high-quality customer service.  The customer should be able to tell that they are receiving a service that is different to what they normally receive.

This means there is no stress for customers who can use a variety of tracking information to know exactly where their delivery is at any time.  It also offers complete control over where and when the parcel is delivered.

More than just delivery

While the core part of delivery is getting the item to the customer, white glove delivery can also offer an enhanced type of delivery.  For example, if the item being delivered is a mattress, the service might involve taking the mattress to the correct bedroom, removing the packaging and ensuring it is in place correctly before leaving.  All packaging is then removed and disposed of correctly.

Ease of returns

If for some reason the client needs to return something, then this should be equally easy.  They can use the service to return the item for an exchange or refund and this should be arranged at a time to suit them.

Benefits for the business

There are lots of benefits for the customer who receives an item via white glove delivery but there are equally as many benefits for the business using a company to provide this service.  Not only can they offer the highest level of customer service, but they can also reduce their liability and damage guarantee costs due to the high quality of delivery service involved.

By using a specialist white glove delivery service, you can impress your customers, offer the kind of high quality service they may expect with the kind of products you offer and constantly track how everything is working.

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