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Terms & Conditions

Definitions: “Recipient” – the person receiving delivery of an item. “Customer” – the person who is paying us to deliver item(s). In some circumstances, the customer and the recipient are the same person.


Please note that we do not operate an express delivery service, we specialise in products which require careful handling by trained drivers, as such our service might take a little longer, but you have the peace of mind of knowing it will carried out with upmost care. The delivery time frames stated on this website are for guidance only and may vary, the delivery time frames apply from the time an item has been placed in to our system. If you have constraints regarding a particular delivery, please contact our friendly staff who will be pleased to help with a solution.


In order to maintain competitive rates, we operate both a ONE man delivery service and a TWO man delivery service. This means that for bulky, or heavy furniture, or items which might requires upstairs services the retailer is responsible for selecting the correct service to match what they have promised to the customer during their sale (i.e. one man or two man).  Due to our insurance terms, our drivers are not allowed to deliver items single-handedly up flights of stairs, if delivery is required ‘upstairs’ the ‘two man’ service must be selected. A re-delivery charge will apply if we arrive at a destination with a flight of stairs or awkward access and the recipient refuses delivery because the correct service level has not been selected, or the actual service level selected has not been communicated to the customer. It is illegal for our drivers to stop on a red-route, so the customer must ensure that the recipient has made appropriate arrangements to enable the delivery to occur. 

Failed Deliveries – All deliveries are booked in and a specific delivery slot agreed with the customer in advance (we will sent multiple reminders to assist the customer prior to delivery) If a delivery is failed due to the customer not being home to accept the delivery, a re delivery charge applies. If the delivery fails through any fault of Kinetic Logistics, re delivery will be carried out at our cost. Our average failed delivery rate is below 5%, as a customer of ours you have the option of factoring in the cost of re deliveries yourself should a failure occur, or you can passing the charges back to you customer. If you wish to pass the charges back to your customer please ask our office to setup our ‘failed delivery alert’ which will email you when a delivery fails.


Due to the nature of our insurance, our ‘one man’ service means that items are delivered to a downstairs room of choice in a property (this is defined as ‘where the item can be safely wheeled to by one man using a sack truck’) and our ‘two man’ service includes delivery to any room of choice. 


Due to the fact that we deliver a wide range of furniture in a variety of conditions (e.g. brand new, needing restoration, antique etc.), we are unable to inspect the condition of goods upon collection and delivery because our drivers are unaware of the expected condition of the item(s). The customer is responsible for communicating with the recipient regarding the expected condition of the item(s). All recipients are responsible for inspecting delivered item(s) and sign to accept that the item(s) or packaging, whichever is visible are in ‘as expected’ condition. The customer is responsible for communicating this to the recipient. If a customer signs to accept receipt of an item and makes no comment about damage to item or property at the point of delivery, then any claim made will be subject to a full investigation being carried out including examination of cctv, to identify if the item has suffered any mishandling by Kinetic Logistics, it is important to note that this can take up to 2 weeks. 


Size & Weight Limitations: The total maximum size of the single order delivered by Kinetic Logistics cannot exceed 3cbm or 300kilos. If you wish to place larger order please contact us for the quote on the delivery. A single item cannot exceed 1.2cbm or 150kilos.


Packaging: Although our drivers are very careful and it is our policy to blanket and strap-down items whilst in transit, items will move whilst in transit.  Therefore it remains the customer’s responsibility to ensure that items are adequately packaged in order to avoid damage.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  The definition of ‘adequate packaging’ is: the item must be covered in its entirety with a protective material no thinner or weaker than 3 ply cardboard.  All corners must be protected using suitable corner protectors, and ALL internal/moving parts be prevented from movement during transit. Any unit with ‘unbraced’ legs must either have a wooden frame which will prevent the legs from having lateral pressure applied, or the box be clearly marked ‘This way up’ so our team can apply appropriate handling measures and loading techniques to protect the legs whilst in our care. If standard bubble wrap is used, multiple layers will be required. Upholstered items and mattresses must be boxed (items that are polythene bagged are not covered under our goods in transit insurance).  Our goods in transit insurance will not cover any claim where the product is not considered to have ‘adequate packaging’. Whilst we are happy to handle mirrors, glass, marble, concrete or stone items please note that our goods in transit insurance does not cover these items.  In the event that you wish us to handle such items, we are happy to do so at your risk (you can source your own additional insurance if you so wish) and our ‘adequate packaging’ requirement remains the same.  


Item Labelling for Collections: All items must be labelled with the relevant ‘ZZ’ code (and preferably barcode) these are provided by our website at the point an order is placed (Upon request we can email all barcode labels in advance to either you or your wholesalers to ease the labelling process). As our driver’s don’t know your products, this is very important to help us achieve our target of 99.5% delivery accuracy. If there is more than one part to an item, for example a wardrobe that is supplied in three parts, then each individual part must also be labelled with the relevant ‘ZZ’ code (and preferably barcode). No claims for loss can be made against unlabelled items.


Insurance Claims:

Item Damages – All damages which would require the use of our ‘goods in transit’ insurance must be notified to Kinetic Logistics via email, or our online ‘returns’ form within 7 days of the receipt of delivery. Anything reported over 7 days is not covered. Where insurance claims are made, please note that the cost of an ‘adequate repair’ to the item is covered OR the ‘trade value purchase price’ of the item, whichever is the lesser and up to a MAXIMUM value of £500 excluding VAT. Under our standard terms of carriage Kinetic Logistics accepts no liability above the ceiling value of £500 excluding VAT unless additional cover has been taken. If you require insurance to a higher value than £500 you must inform Kinetic Logistics prior to collection of goods, where additional insurance can be added with an additional premium to the carriage cost. If delivery is being carried out to any ‘off island’ location, it will be delivered via a third party carrier, and as such will not be covered under our insurance, therefore, ALL damage MUST be notified at the point of arrival, and marked as such on the delivery paperwork, failure to do this will invalidate the possibility of a claim. No insurance claims can be made where the product does not meet the ‘adequate packaging; criteria (see section 6). No insurance claims can be made where the product has been booked on to an inappropriate service level, it would be considered an inappropriate service level if the delivery of the item you are booking could not be carried out safely on the service level you selected, for example an item exceeding 60 kilos being placed on the one man service. No subsequent losses are covered under our insurance terms and conditions. Kinetic Logistics will need possession of any damaged item in order to provide a full assessment of the goods. Insurance is invalidated where the delivery charge has not been paid within the agreed account payment terms. Insurance is invalidated if an incorrect size or weight has been provided for the item being delivered, but only where the information provided resulted in an incorrect delivery charge being levied. This Insurance is no longer valid if any other carrier, organisation or company handles the product after delivery has been carried out by Kinetic Logistics, and prior to a claim being made. Glass/Marble/Granite Stone and concrete products and not covered under this policy, if you would like any of these products to be covered, you would need to contact us to arrange cover prior to shipping. Once a claim has been made the delivery charge cannot be refunded.

Fire / Theft / Flooding – Where Kinetic Logistics lose a product(s) to theft, whether this be from one of the distribution centres, or from a delivery vehicle, the product is covered at its full cost value.  If your product has been damaged whilst in our care through fire or flooding, it will be covered initially up to the repair value for the product. Where the product is deemed irreparable, it will be replaced up to its full replacement cost value.


Additional charges: Scotland / Wales / Northeast all carry delivery surcharges. The relevant surcharges are based on postcode/distance and are applied automatically at the point you place your order. Surcharges are applied purely to cover the additional fuel costs necessary to carry our the delivery.

Place your orders correctly: Please ensure that we have all the correct details when booking your delivery. Changes to our delivery schedule will result in a £15.00 administration fee.


Property Damages:  Any damage that is caused to or within the customer’s property, must be identified to the driver prior to his departure, failing to do so will invalidate any claim. If delivery is being carried out to any ‘off island’ location, it will be delivered via a third party carrier, and as such will not be covered under our insurance, therefore, ALL damage MUST be notified at the point of arrival, and marked as such on the delivery paperwork, failure to do this will invalidate the possibility of a claim. Property damage claims can take up to 8 weeks.


Other Carriers Handling your items: If the item we are delivering on your behalf is handled at any point by any other carrier or delivery network, before or after our receipt of the goods, then we will be unable to insure the item, and the item will be ‘carried entirely at your risk’.


Storage facilities: Kinetic logistics can offer up to 6 weeks free storage on goods stored within our premises (actual free storage period to be agreed in advance and up to a maximum of six weeks).
Where Kinetic Logistics are not tasked with the outbound delivery of the stock (i.e. if the stock is collected by an alternative logistics provider) then a standard storage charge will be levied at £13 per unique pallet location used per month, for the duration of the storage, plus an individual item handling charge of £4.50 per item.

Returns: It is your responsibility to ensure that all cancelled orders, returns, or ‘second’ stock is cleared from our premises within 30 days. If it is not cleared it will levy storage charges from 45 days, and if the stock is still within our premises after 60 days, full title and ownership of that stock is assumed by Kinetic logistics, and Kinetic Logistics reserve the right to dispose of the stock.

By using Kinetic Logistics storage and logistics facilities, you are acknowledging that If storage and/or logistics invoices are unpaid, we reserve the right to with hold stock and deliveries, and this includes that If no payment is received within 12 weeks of the invoice date, we reserve the right to auction off as much stock held within our premises as is required to satisfy the outstanding invoices, and all related costs. Kinetic Logistics can request that your stock is removed from our premises at any time, however we will always aim to give you as much notice as is possible.



Recommend our services – If you recommend our service to someone else, and they place three or more deliveries with us we will add a £100 credit note on to your account, which can be used against your own deliveries or against any Baumhaus Ltd Purchase.


Payments / Payment Accounts – By the placing of orders to use Kinetic Logistics services, you are acknowledging acceptance of the following:

a) If you have not received written confirmation that you have a credit account then you are setup as ‘payment on delivery’ and any payment not made on or before delivery will be considered overdue.

b) Credit account customers: Your credit account is underwritten by the stock Kinetic Logistics hold of yours within the Kinetic Logistics premises. By placing orders with Kinetic Logistics, and Kinetic Logistics holding your goods within their premises, you are acknowledging that you have transferred full title and ownership of your goods up to the value of all unpaid invoices on your account to Kinetic Logistics. Kinetic Logistics reserve the right to dispose of and/or auction off any stock held within Kinetic Logistics premises in order to recover unpaid invoices.

c) If your account is overdue payment and placed on hold, no product movement will be allowed, this includes the removal of any stock from our building.

d) If your company is placed in to administration, any financial amount owed to Kinetic Logistics must be paid in full prior to any goods being released to your appointed liquidator. If payment isn’t made in full, and in accordance to the credit terms of the account, Kinetic Logistics are entitled to utilise that they hold full title and ownership of goods up to the value of the owed balance, and as such, Kinetic Logistics reserve the right to dispose of and/or auction off any stock held within the Kinetic Logistics premises in order to recover the value of unpaid invoices. Once the account has been settled, the title and ownership of any remaining goods will be transferred back to your company and the goods made available to your appointed liquidator.


Delivery outside the UK mainland will be carried out via an external carrier. All deliveries are on a ‘price on application’ basis and vary depending on the quantity of furniture sent and the method in which we are able to send it.  Our order system does not register international postal codes, so you are responsible for obtaining a shipping quote from us prior to placing the order. On deliveries outside the UK mainland, the sales order confirmation page on the website will NOT display the correct shipping cost.  The corrected shipping cost will be added prior to the order being despatched.  If the exact delivery cost is not known to us prior to despatch, an additional invoice will be raised for the surcharge amount at a later date.  All delivery surcharges on deliveries within the UK mainland will be added automatically by our system during the order placement process.

On rare occasions, some deliveries to outlying areas within the UK mainland may also be carried out using an external courier service.  There will be no extra charges if the address is within our existing surcharge areas.