Timed two-man delivery. How Does it Work?

Timed two-man delivery is a type of courier service which is often used by companies to deliver big-ticket items, large or bulky items and sometimes fragile or delicate items. The biggest benefit for timed two-man delivery is that customers are able to choose a time slot for delivery, which means no more waiting at home from 7 am to 9 pm.

How does it work?

Timed two-man delivery is organised into time slots. Customers will often be offered a time slot of between one and three hours. This helps to minimise the number of missed deliveries and is also more convenient for the customer.

When the two-man delivery outfit arrives at the address, they will deliver the item to the room of choice. They can use blankets and shoe covers at the request of the homeowner to prevent damage to the carpets and flooring.

Once the item is in place, the two-man team will unpack the item according to the manufacturer’s specifications and put the item in place. For items like washing machines, this might involve connecting it to the mains water supply and installing the water drainage pipe. For items of furniture, this might involve assembling the piece.

Once the item is assembled or installed and in place, the next step is for the two-man delivery team to test the item to ensure it is working and doesn’t have any faults either as a result of a factory fault or a fault with the installation.

If the item is working correctly, the two-man delivery team will then collect any packaging to take away with them. In some cases, the customer might have the option to have the old unit taken away at the same time as the new one is delivered.

Benefits of two-man delivery

Two man delivery can be seen as an extension of the customer service department for a company. This means that the customer service doesn’t end once the customer has completed the checkout process. This can help to improve your brand image and lead to repeat business.

Timed two-man delivery has many benefits for the customer and company, including increased reliability, less time wasted due to missed drops and fewer returned items due to incorrect handling. For elderly customers and those who cannot easily move heavy items around their home, timed two-man delivery might be the only option for getting large, bulky or delicate items into their home.

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