The Future of White Glove Delivery

One of the biggest issues facing a company that sells products to customers is the delivery.  You need to get your product in your customer’s hands, quickly and efficiently, in order for them to be happy, returning customers who tell others about you.  One of the ways to do this is with white glove delivery – but what is this and what is the future for this service?

What is white glove delivery

You could easily view white glove delivery as the opposite of last mile delivery.  With last mile delivery, the aim is to get the item to the customer as quickly as possible and that often means using things like drop off points, leaving parcels with neighbours and even depositing them in the garden shed.

White glove delivery is a much more personal and comprehensive service.  It involves ensuring the customer is available for the delivery by making it easy for them to change delivery times and locations to suit their plans.  It can also involve above and beyond aspects including installation or customer training on a product to help them immediately get used from their purchase.

The growth of white glove delivery

White glove delivery has been around for a while now but in recent times, has seen an increase in demand leading to more companies offering it.  There are two main reasons that experts say this has happened.

The first is the rise of dedicated third party logistics companies that only offer white glove delivery.  While many companies exist to get a delivery to a customer, this range of specialist companies only offers white glove as opposed to it just being one of the options a business can choose from.

The second is often known as the ‘Amazon effect’ – customers are becoming used to quick and efficient delivery for almost anything you can buy.  Added to this are additional services such as the Amazon key. This allows you to give access to your home to a delivery man to leave a parcel inside while you are not there.  This is one example of a specialist delivery service that is becoming normal for consumers.

The future of white glove delivery

So, what about looking ahead?  Will the demand for white glove delivery continue to grow?  Should your business be looking at it as a delivery option for your products?

It is clear that consumers are becoming more versed in delivery options and expect higher standards.  Not only that, but poor quality delivery and damaged items are among the top reasons that people complain.  When they complain, they also tend to do it in much more public ways such as posting on Facebook or sending a public tweet on Twitter which can have a negative impact in the perception of the company from non-customers.

Not all businesses need white glove delivery but there are lots of areas that can consider it.  The most common areas for this service to be utilised is with things like home appliances and electronics.  That’s because the service can take the item into the home, unbox it and install it or show the customer how to use the item.  This extended service is something people are very willing to pay for.

Should you adopt white glove delivery?

The question of whether to adopt white glove delivery for your business is one only you can answer.  But if you are experiencing problems with damaged goods, customer complaints about the complexity of installation or missed deliveries, then white glove delivery may be worth considering.  The enhanced benefits for the customer have a positive impact on their perception of the business and can increase the chance of a positive review – or a returning customer.

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