Home Delivery Companies Who Specialise in Delivering Furniture

Are you looking to start a business selling furniture?  Then one of the first things you need to consider is how to get the furniture to your customer.  Even if they are local, you will likely want to use a specialist delivery service to ensure the item arrives in the best condition.  But what kind of services are available from companies that offer furniture home delivery?

One man delivery service

If you are selling small or lightweight items of furniture, then a one man delivery service may be ideal.  There is no need to have a two man team if the item is smaller, lightweight or even doesn’t need to be taken upstairs in some cases.  

The right service should include personalised reminders for the customer to let them know the item is on the way and when it will be delivered.  A call 30 minutes before delivery can be added to make sure the customer is ready, and a time stamped signature is required from the customer to make the delivery.

You can also have a high speed option that does cost more but reduces the lead-time by 2-4 days.  It offers twice as many book-in attempts for customers and uses the vehicle that provides the fastest service.

Two man delivery service

If you have larger items that require two people to lift them, then a two man delivery service will be required.  This service operates much the same as one man delivery but has the added benefit of being able to take items upstairs or handle larger, heavier or bulkier items.

Customers should receive a call 30 minutes before delivery and the service will involve taking the item to any room in the house that the customer chooses.  Again, a time-stamped signature would be collected on leaving the property.

White glove delivery

If you want the highest standard of delivery for your items, then you may want to consider white glove delivery.  This involves a more comprehensive service than two-man delivery and can be ideal for high quality, luxury items.

With furniture deliveries, the white glove service concentrates on getting the item into the right place, ensuring all packaging is removed and taken away and that the item is in pristine condition.  It offers more reminders for customers before delivery and ease of rescheduling. The service also leads to less missed deliveries with its associated cost.

White glove delivery offers the best customer service for your buyer and is becoming more popular than ever.  When selling furniture, it can include some optional assembly if there is any and ensures the item is where the customer requires it for top customer service.

Other things to look for

Choosing the right delivery service is about more than choosing how the item will be delivered.  You also want to ensure you have the right company for the job.

Key things to look for is their damage rate – what is the current industry average and what is the particular company’s?  Do they use fully trained and qualified staff who know how to move furniture with the least chance of it being damaged?

Another useful benefit to look at is whether the vehicles have CCTV in them that constantly monitors the vehicle.  This offers additional security and can deter potential thieves as the footage is stored away from the vehicle.

Finally, look for services that have all deliveries electronically tracked to allow constant information about there the item is at any time.  This ensures both the customer and you can track the item and see when it will be delivered to quickly answer queries.

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